Techni Measure Bristol Office

Techni Measure are excited to open our new sales and support office in Bristol as part of our continued commitment to customer service, being strategically located to provide local service and support to our customers across the South of the UK. As some of our customers will already know, AndrewRead More

Online Store Expansion

Our new online store has so far been a success and we are adding to the range of items available to allow a much broader range of accessories for piezoelectric transducers, including mounting studs, adhesive/magnetic bases and cables.

New Introduction to Piezo-electric Accelerometers

We would like to draw attention to a publication that we have recently added to the resources section of our web site. This is the Introduction to Piezo-electric Accelerometers that informs readers about the main points of accelerometer design and describes the various specifications that should be considered in choosingRead More

Traceable Accelerometer Calibration at Temperature

Many vibration tests are carried out under the influence of temperature, whereby accelerometers are attached to the vibration exciter and/or to the device under test. These are thus exposed to temperatures which can be far above or below room temperature, which is where the sensors are usually calibrated. Calibration ofRead More

Migrating from GX4 to GX5 Inertial Sensors

The 3DM-GX5 is the latest generation of the LORD MicroStrain 3DM-GX series of IMU, VG, AHRS, and GPS-INS sensors. This is truly a “drop-in” replacement for the previous-generation GX4 inertial sensors, making it extremely simple to upgrade. The GX5 shares the same extended temperature range operation, footprint, rugged aluminium case,Read More

New G-Link-200 Wireless Accelerometer

LORD MicroStrain have recently introduced the new G-Link-200-8G ruggedized high-speed triaxial accelerometer node with user settable ± 2 to ± 8 g measurement range. The G-Link-200-8G includes an on-board triaxial accelerometer that allows high-resolution data acquisition at noise levels as low as 25 μg/√Hz, and the accelerometers have a bandwidthRead More

CoreSens Electronics for Fibre-optic Sensors

New from Opsens Solutions is the CoreSens electronic unit that is a versatile, scalable system which includes a control unit and modular signal conditioner unit (WLX-2 module) that supports a variety of fibre optic sensors. Each WLX-2 module has two channels to optimise the number of sensors per chassis. TheRead More

Eddy Current Sensor Electronics

New from ACUITY is the AR-Eddy, which is a digitally corrected eddy current signal conditioner designed to work with a wide variety of eddy current sensors. The AR-Eddy is easy to setup and calibrate via a USB interface and the provided software. The AR-Eddy can used to achieve high performanceRead More

Two new Triaxial Accelerometers from Dytran

High Sensitivity, 160°C IEPE Triaxial Accelerometers Dytran have recently introduced a 100mV/g, isolated triaxial accelerometer, able to withstand temperatures up to 160°C for continuous use. The model 3543A case isolated sensor can be placed in the hotter sections under the car bonnet, and are ideal for the general measurement ofRead More

Conax Feedthrough & Temperature Sensors

                        We can handle your pressure Techni Measure supply a complete range of feedthroughs and compression sealing glands from US manufacturer Conax Technologies, capable of sealing probes, signal wires, power leads or electrodes against pressures up to 30,000psi. The “soft sealant”Read More