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Factors to consider when choosing the right sensor

Choosing the right sensor can make all the difference. Let’s look closer at factors like measurement range, accuracy, response time, and the influence of environmental conditions on sensor selection. Measurement Range: The measurement range of a sensor defines the minimum and maximum values it can accurately detect or measure. It’sRead More

Expansion of the Techni Measure Team

We are thrilled to announce that our team at Techni Measure has welcomed three new engineers. Emmett Birch, Robert Rowland, and Arjun Singh Bansal bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience gained during their university studies, in the fields of integrated engineering, electrical engineering, and aerospace engineering. As the CEO of TechniRead More


26th May 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Inline with government advice we have now re-opened our offices. Some members of our staff will continue to work from home but will be available on email and also through the normal office phone number – 03300 101490. We continue to ship out all ordersRead More

CV-01 Handheld Shaker from SPEKTRA

The model CV-01 handheld shaker from Spektra, offers a quick and simple way for inspection of vibration transducer output sensitivity.  It can also be used for field inspections of sensor wiring, by inputting a known level of vibration into the measurement system. Power is supplied by four rechargeable batteries, andRead More

Reintroduction of N-1 coating from TML

In a previous Newsletter, it was stated that the popular N-1 neoprene rubber strain gauge coating material had been discontinued. However TML has recently reintroduced this to their product range, albeit in a smaller 25 gram tube, this is now available and in stock. Please ask for details.

Low Profile Force Sensor from Dytran

The new Dytran model 1212V series are low profile ring style IEPE force sensors, which the industry commonly refers to as “force washers”, due to their similar appearance. These sensors are designed to measure rapid or slowly changing dynamic forces in machinery and other applications where a through stud orRead More