Contact Displacement

Inductive Displacement

Schreiber Messtechnik displacement sensorsInductive displacement transducers operate with no electrical or mechanical contact between the core and the sensor body, as such these sensors are inherently free from friction and therefore can be used in long term and/or high frequency applications, and models without integral electronics can be used in very high or low temperature environments. Techni Measure supply a large variety of linear inductive displacement sensors, with or without internal electronics, free core and gauging (spring return) versions with ranges starting at 1.5mm and the world’s smallest linear displacement sensor from Lord Microstrain to 360mm in the Schrieber Messtechnik series.

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Potentiometric Displacement

Sakae potentiometric displacementPotentiometric linear displacement transducers from Sakae offer a range of low cost sensors with measurement ranges from 10mm up to 1m. Wire wound or conductive plastic tracks are available. A wide range of options for precision, mounting and wiper / shaft connection arrangements are available. Techni Measure hold a wide range of standard models in UK stock for fast delivery and quantity discounts are available.

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Strain Gauge Displacement

TML Strain Gauge DisplacementTechni Measure supply a range of strain gauge based linear displacement transducers and extensometers from TML, with a wide variety of designs for many applications including crack or gap monitoring and for long term use e.g. in civil engineering applications. These transducers are also perfect for use where compatibility with existing strain gauge instrumentation and data acquisition is required.

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Non-Contact Displacement

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitec Capacitive displacementCapacitive displacement, gap measuring and hole dimension sensors from Capacitec for non-contact, ultra high precision, high frequency and/or high temperature applications (up to 1000°C). As well as rack mount signal conditioning Capacitec also manufacture the Gapman, a unique handheld portable gap measuring system that is widely used across industry to replace the common feeler gauge, improving resolution and eliminating user errors. Suppliers of the LiniGage Aircraft Engine Rotor Eccentricity Realignment System, Capacitec also provide customised solutions for bespoke applications.

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Laser Displacement Sensors

Acuity Laser DisplacementTechni Measure supply the Acuity range of laser triangulation and time of flight displacement sensors. Various models are available catering for different ranges (3mm to 3km) and stand-off distances with sub-micron resolution achievable. A range of output options and connectivity solutions is offered for ease of integration into your laboratory or process line data acquisition system, as well as touch panel displays for clear and immediate data display of displacement or thickness. Sample frequencies up to 110KHz are possible and infra-red or blue laser options are available for improved response from different target surfaces. These highly versatile sensors are used for many types of application and Techni Measure will be happy to help you select the correct sensor for your requirement.

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Inductive Sensors

LORD Mircrostrain inductive displacementLORD MicroStrain offer a range of non-contact inductive sensors for displacement measurement to metallic target materials with ranges from 1mm to 5mm. Techni Measure will be happy to help you select the correct sensor and signal conditioning for your application.



Precision Potentiometers

Sakae Potentiometer

Sakae manufacture a very wide range of single and multi-turn rotary potentiometers utilizing wirewound, conductive plastic or hybrid technology. There are many models with a large choice of standard options and customised products manufactured to customer drawings are available. Techni Measure stock a wide range of standard models in the UK for fast delivery and we are happy to hold stock of customised models for fast delivery on repeat orders. Quantity discount schemes are available. Please contact us for advice on selection of the correct potentiometer for your application.

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Sakae Dial

Sakae multi-turn digital dials are designed for use with their multi-turn potentiometers. Please ask for further details.

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Joysticks & Controllers


Joysticks and Foot Controllers from Sakae offer electrical control of remote mechanical operations. They are available with potentiometer or switch type outputs. Please ask for advice or for further details.