Techni Measure maintain UK stock for fast delivery of over 300 types of strain gauge and almost all of our adhesives and accessories and we have a discount scheme for orders of 10 or more packets. We also accept call-off orders for high quantity requirements; we will hold stock in our UK warehouse on your behalf and ensure that items are available for you on demand to simplify your inventory management and supply chain logistics. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We also offer a number of our most popular products available through our online store. This allows fast shipment for in stock products and instant payment by credit card. Visit Techni Measure Online Store or contact us for more information

Strain Gauges

TML Strain gaugesWith over 600 different strain Gauges listed as standard, the TML range offer a gauge for almost every application. From general purpose to high temperature, low modulus to high yield, and for metal, concrete, plastics and many other materials, Techni Measure is here to help you choose the right gauge. Many gauges are available with integral lead wires and a range of weldable type strain gauges help ease application in poor environmental conditions.

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Strain Gauge Adhesives & Coatings

Adhesive for strain gaugesTML provide a range of adhesives with formulations designed specifically for use in strain gauge applications for many different material types and environments. A range of coatings are also available for environmental or mechanical protection of your strain gauge installation. Techni Measure will be happy to advise on the optimal adhesive and coating for your specific application.

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Terminals, Cables & Accessories

GMR-S strain gauge clampWe offer a wide range of accessories for the application and use of strain gauges, including a variety of terminal connectors, lead wires and application tools.

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Strain Gauge Instrumentation

Strain gauge instrumentation

To complete your strain measurement solution, Techni Measure offer a wide range of bridge completion, strain gauge amplifiers, wireless strain measurement systems and static or dynamic strain gauge data loggers and data acquisition systems. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you configure the signal conditioning and acquisition system best suited to your circumstance.

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TML strain gauges and accessories