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Weldable strain gauges

We have supplied the AW series weldable strain gauges from TML for many years and we are pleased to announce that this range of weldable strain gauges now conform to the latest RoHS II and CE marking legislation for supply within the EU.  These rugged strain gauges are typically usedRead More

New OEM Wireless Nodes

The new LORD Sensing OEM wireless nodes include strain gauge, temperature and accelerometer nodes. These nodes are supplied as PCBs, designed to be integrated into sensors or systems to enable wireless connectivity. The SG-Link-200-OEM allows users to remotely collect data from a range of sensor types, including strain gauges, pressureRead More

Combo Thermocouple Fitting

Conax Technologies have introduced a thermocouple design that has both a standard compression seal for the thermocouple sheath and a secondary seal for the output wires. The dual seals ensure that if the thermocouple sheath breaks or wears out, there will still be no leak into or out of theRead More

Mobile Accelerometer Calibrator

The new CV-10 mobile calibrator, designed and built by Spektra, consists of a complete accelerometer calibration and test system installed in a rugged waterproof case. It can be used for quick, on-sitechecks of accelerometer or vibration meter performanceeither by manually setting frequency and amplitude orby running pre-set automated calibration routines.Read More

200 ̊C IEPE Accelerometer

Dytran Instruments have recently introduced their first IEPE type accelerometer capable of being used up to 200 degrees Celcius. This model 3525A3 is among the world’s first quartz accelerometers to operate at 200°C continuously with internal electronics. Typically, measurements at this temperature require a charge mode sensor with an in-lineRead More

Airborne Sensors

Techni Measure supply a variety of sensors for use in aerospace applications.  Dytran Instruments have a range of accelerometers for vibration measurements in fixed & rotary wing, launch vehicles and space flight. CAN-MD® accelerometers have been developed with a digital interface and on-board processing, allowing raw vibration data to beRead More

Rugged IMU

LORD Sensing MicroStrain are soon to release a new rugged inertial sensor aimed for off-road vehicle use but with applications in any inertial / orientation measurement application in an external or harsh environment. The MV5-AR has a CAN/J1939 interface and is housed in a IP67/69K package, 24x55x80mm. Internal shock andRead More

New Strain Gauge Data-logger

The TDS-540 is a new data logger from TML, incorporating every function required for static strain measurement. It accepts strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, dc voltage, thermocouples and Pt-RTDs as inputs.  The unique measurement technique enables highly stable and accurate measurement by eliminating the effects of various thermoelectromotive forces,Read More

ATEX Rated Acoustic Pressure Sensor

Dytran Instruments have introduced more sensitive versions of their rugged ATEX rated 2006V pressure sensor series, which cover ranges from ±50 to ±500psi. The new model 2006M1 offers a full-scale measurement range of ±5psi, whilst the 2006M2 can measure up to ±16.5psi. These sensors have a ¾-14 NPT mounting thread,Read More

WSDA-2000 Wireless Gateway

LORD Sensing wireless sensor networks enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data aggregation from scalable sensor networks and are ideal for test and measurement, remote monitoring, system performance analysis, and embedded applications. The gateways are the heart of the LORD Sensing wireless systems, since they coordinate, maintain and synchronise transmissions acrossRead More