Profile Measurement


LaserLinc’s gauging and interface products reduce material usage, increase production efficiency, reduce scrap, improve your process and product quality, and document product quality.

Our laser micrometers and ultrasonic wall measurement products are designed by LaserLinc employees at our Fairborn, Ohio office and made in the U.S.A. They are tested and certified to European and North American safety standards including CE, UL, and CSA.

Laser Micrometers

LaserLinc understands how critical your in-process and off-line measurements are, for outside diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, profile and more

Ultrasonic Wall Measurement

LaserLinc’s ultrasonic devices measure wall thickness or layer thickness of plastic, rubber, glass, and metal products like tubing, hose, pipe, insulated wire, and cable.

Profile Measurement

The Profile Vu™ system is a high-speed laser line triangulation measurement and defect detection system that continuously monitors critical material properties in continuously extruded or formed rubber, plastic, wood, shaped metals, wire, and cable. The system’s 360-degree surface coverage means superior defect detection capabilities when compared to laser micrometers. Defects can be detected in-process and reviewed in 3D.

Profile Visualisation

Gauges provide huge amounts of instantaneous data in real-time, so it’s impossible for an operator to assimilate what is happening in the process. That’s why LaserLinc developed a unique open-architecture software solution for process visualization allowing its own instruments and those of other vendors to be connected via a variety of gauge interfaces for process monitoring, display, control, and reporting.

Automated Sample Inspection

LaserLinc’s non-contact measurement solutions are also well suited to off-line sample measurement. Our products ensure accuracy and simplify the quality inspectors’ job. You can virtually eliminate operator error through non-contact measurement and automatic checking and recording of results.


QuellTech are a worldwide leading manufacturer of laser measuring systems and contactless Laser Sensor technology. QuellTech’s strengths are the ability to modify sensors to customer specific needs if necessary. QuellTech are specialists for highly precise laser measurement systems for various applications like in-line-measurement in machine industry, automotive and automation.