Inertial / Navigation

From simple inclinometers and IMUs (inertial measurement units) through to full dual-GNSS aided AHRS (attitude, heading & reference system) and INS (inertial navigation system) with RTK corrections for cm level location precision, we will be able to help with the inertial sensor solution for your application. Models with analogue outputs or digital protocols with on-board extended Kalman filtering and industry leading temperature and dynamic compensation, we will be happy to discuss your application and demonstrate our inertial sensor solutions.

Inertial IMU / AHRS / VRU / INS

LORD MicroStrain offer a range of orientation sensors from basic angle measurements through to units with 3D gyroscopes, magnetometers and GPS receiver. Combining MEMS sensors and smart embedded microcontrollers, sensors are available for static and dynamic applications. Please ask for discount pricing schemes for volume or repeat orders.

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LORD MicroStrain offer an accelerometer based wireless data aquisition system for simple orientation measurements as well as systems with strain gauge inputs, which could be used with an inclinometer to provide wireless tilt measurements.

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We can supply a range of strain gauge based inclinometers from TML for robust and long term inclination measurements. Please ask for advice or request a copy of our civil engineering transducers catalogue for further information. LORD Microstrain also offer an inclinometer with build in datalogger

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