ATEX Rated Acoustic Pressure Sensor

Dytran Instruments have introduced more sensitive versions of their rugged ATEX rated 2006V pressure sensor series, which cover ranges from ±50 to ±500psi. The new model 2006M1 offers a full-scale measurement range of ±5psi, whilst the 2006M2 can measure up to ±16.5psi. These sensors have a ¾-14 NPT mounting thread,Read More

WSDA-2000 Wireless Gateway

LORD Sensing wireless sensor networks enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data aggregation from scalable sensor networks and are ideal for test and measurement, remote monitoring, system performance analysis, and embedded applications. The gateways are the heart of the LORD Sensing wireless systems, since they coordinate, maintain and synchronise transmissions acrossRead More

New OEM Inertial Family

The LORD Sensing 3DM-CV5 family of industrial-grade, board-level inertial sensors provide a wide range of triaxial inertial measurements and computed attitude and navigation solutions at a very competitive price. In all models, the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) includes direct measurement of acceleration and angular rate. In models that include computedRead More

TechNote: Charge vs Voltage mode Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors measure dynamic phenomena such as force, pressure and acceleration (including shock and vibration). Inside the sensor, piezoelectric materials such as quartz or man-made ceramics are stressed in a controlled fashion by the physical input of the specific phenomena to be measured. This stress “squeezes” a quantity of electricalRead More

ISO 9001:2015 & Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Techni Measure are delighted to announce that our Quality Management System is now fully certified to ISO9001:2015, following a successful audit by NQA. Quality is at the core of our business and we strictly adhere to internal processes which ensures that our customers always receive the sensors & systems necessaryRead More

Continued Techni Measure Expansion

Techni Measure are pleased to announce the addition to our team of two new technical sales engineers. Malcolm Leahey joined us towards the end of May and is based with Andrew Ramage in our new Bristol office, with a focus on supporting our customers in the South of the country.Read More

WSDA-200 Wireless Gateway

LORD MicroStrain have recently introduced their WSDA®-200-USB which is a USB stick design data acquisition gateway designed to configure, co-ordinate, and collect sensor data from LORD Sensing wireless sensor nodes for viewing, analysis, and storage. The gateway also facilitates precision sampling synchronization between sensor nodes by transmitting a continuous, system-wideRead More

Spring-loaded Temperature Sensors

Standard exhaust gas temperature sensors in 7F and 9F class turbines are at risk of premature failure due to vibrations caused by gas flows, input vibrations and thermal expansion mismatch which cause the sensor tips to break off in service. However, Conax Technologies have recently developed their patented Spring-loaded ExhaustRead More

New 6DOF Vibration Recorder

Dytran has introduced the VibraCorder™ II, a small, yet powerful, 6DOF vibration recorder. Model 4401A2 not only has a built-in triaxial MEMS accelerometer, but also a triaxial Gyroscope, making it capable of measuring and recording acceleration and orientation in three orthogonal directions as well as pitch, roll and yaw. TheseRead More

New Strain Gauge Design by TML

TML have developed a new design of general purpose strain gauge, designed to improve the temperature range and fatigue life of the gauges whilst eliminating the lead content from the materials of construction, allowing these gauges to be CE marked & RoHS 2 compliant. The new design has been givenRead More