Strain Gauge Amplifiers

TC-32KTechni Measure offer a wide range of strain gauge amplifier systems ranging from basic amplifier modules, through single channel digital readout instruments, to multi-channel rack systems and data loggers. Many special requirements can be met such as tare offset and peak hold facilities, and a choice of readout units. The TC series offer rugged hand held instruments with many special features for onsite monitoring, and a miniature battery operated amplifier offers conditioning in remote locations. Please ask for details of our range.

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Digital Meters

int_OEEA range of red or green LED (14.2mm) Digital Indicators, with a wide choice of options, including Analogue or RS232 outputs, dual alarms, and peak hold. In standard DIN 48 x 96 housing, these panel mount instruments can be supplied paired with any of our DC transducers, pre-set to read in appropriate engineering units. Voltage, current, frequency and temperature inputs are also available.

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Piezoelectric Transducer Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioning for IEPE or charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers, force or pressure transducers with built in, attached, or in-line amplifiers, battery or line power options, with or without gain, in single and multi-channel configurations are available. Transducer mounting accessories and cable assemblies, including low noise cables for charge mode sensors, can also be supplied and UK stock is held of the most common accessories for fast delivery. Techni Measure will be happy to advise you on the signal conditioning and accessories appropriate to your transducers and application.

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Data Acquisition

Techni Measure can supply a range of data acquisition solutions, depending on your application requirements and measurement parameters. Stand-alone dataloggers and recorders for static and dynamic applications, PC based data acquisition and analysis hardware/software and wireless instrumentation solutions are available. Portable field and handheld acquisition systems and miniature stand-alone vibration logging recorders are also included in our range. Please ask for further information and we will be happy to discuss and help you to select the appropriate solution for your requirements.