Strain Gauge Amplifiers

Techni Measure offer a wide range of strain gauge amplifier systems ranging from basic amplifier modules, through single channel digital readout instruments, to multi-channel rack systems and data loggers. Many special requirements can be met such as tare offset and peak hold facilities, and a choice of readout units. The TC series offer rugged hand held instruments with many special features for on site monitoring, and a miniature battery operated amplifier offers conditioning in remote locations.

SGA A range of basic amplifier modules requiring extra circuitry
SGA-KA Modules mounted on a PCB needing just a power supply
AMP A range of miniature battery powered amplifier modules
SY A range of modular strain gauge sensor amplifiers, as well as hand held meters
TC Hand held meters with many functions for strain gauges and transducers
TDS A range of dedicated instruments for multi-channel data collection
DRA Dynamic multi-channel strain meters
TA4 Transducer amplifier, DIN rail or boxed
FE-MM-366 Modular strain amplifier systems
V-Link Wireless multi channel amplifier module
SG-Link Wireless single channel amplifier module

LORD Microstrain