New Products from Dytran Instruments

Dytran Instruments are continuously developing and releasing new products into their range of piezoelectric and MEMS transducers for the measurement of acceleration, vibration, pressure and force. The 3623 is a series of IEPE, case isolated, IP68 rated triaxial accelerometers, weighing just 18 grams (plus cable). This rugged accelerometer was designed for vibration monitoring in submersible applications (submerged to 175 psi), with its miniature size (15 x 15 x 15.7mm cube) making it easy to mount in spaces inaccessible to other types of accelerometer. This series is available with sensitivities of 10, 50 and 100 mV/g and incorporates the latest in piezoceramic planar shear technology coupled with 2–wire internal IEPE electronics. The temperature range is from -55 to +100°C. This lightweight sensor is packaged in a robust, titanium housing, with a 10–32 stud mounting stud supplied. It has a moulded 4-conductor polyurethane integral cable terminating to flying leads, with various cable lengths being available. Units are case isolated to avoid EMI/ground loop interference, and TEDS models are also available within the series. Applications include offshore wind turbines, automotive road load, subsea vehicles and general purpose triaxial vibration measurements of machines and structures in underwater environments. 

The 3211 is a new design of general purpose single axis accelerometers with a centre screw mount design, which simplifies cable routing. This series also includes submersible versions with integrated cables and incorporates base isolation in a rugged titanium case weighing less than 10grams plus cable, with sensitivities of 10mV/g and 100mV/g available.

The 7577 is a series of precision single axis variable capacitance differential output DC MEMS accelerometers. Tailored for zero–to–medium frequency applications, with an impressive upper frequency range of 1150Hz for the 2000mV/g, ±2g range model, up to 7kHz for the 20mV/g model with ±200g range. The sensor is housed in a rugged, hermetically sealed titanium case with a 6,000g shock rating and a 4–pin 1/4–28 radial connector. Perfect for applications including airbag and crash testing, seismic monitoring, tilt measurement, robotics, in–flight vibration and flutter testing as well as low frequency aircraft/airframe vibration measurements.

Series 3215BxT is a general purpose, low profile TEDS enabled, base isolated accelerometer with centre screw mount for 360° cable orientation and a 10-32 side connector. Available in 5mV/g and 10mV/g sensitivities, the temperature range is -55 to +149°C. The unit was designed for brake vibration testing but can be used in many applications. 

With so many new products being constantly released to the market it can sometimes be hard to find the correct sensor for your application; Techni Measure application engineers are always on-hand to help you specify the optimum sensor for your requirements and advice costs nothing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.