New V-Link-200 Wireless Node

v-link200-photo1LORD Sensing MicroStrain has introduced a new version of their popular wireless multi-channel node. The V-Link-200 Wireless 8-Channel Analogue Input Sensor Node features 4 differential input channels with optional single strain gauge bridge completion, 4 single ended ±10 volt input channels, and an internal temperature sensor channel.

This new design V-Link allows a typical accuracy of 0.1% of full scale, and supports a wide range of user-supplied Wheatstone bridge and analogue sensors including strain gauges (≥ 120 Ohms), load cells, torque, pressure, acceleration, vibration, displacement, geophones and more, and enables measurement and monitoring in remote applications. The node can log data to its internal memory, which is now increased to 8 million data points, or transmit real-time data to a host computer or remote base station at user programmable data rates. The new LORD Sensing SensorConnect software supports configuration of the wireless node including a new programmable anti-aliasing filter, initialisation, radio frequency, sample rate, reading/writing to node EEPROM, calibrating node sensors, managing node power including sleep, wake, and cycle power, and upgrading node firmware. The node comes packaged in a 127 x 100 x 33mm (plus antenna) moulded polycarbonate housing with DIN rail mounting and bolt-down holes, which also houses four replaceable 3.6V lithium AA batteries. External power can be supplied if required. The standard version is designed for indoor use and an IP-67 option will be available soon. The V-Link is compatible with any of the LORD Sensing WSDA base stations, and applications would include rotating component monitoring, health monitoring of aircraft, structures and vehicles, and experimental test and measurement.

For more information about this wireless sensor node, please ask for a copy of the new V-Link-200 leaflet. We would be very pleased to discuss any application that you may have for wireless sensor monitoring.