New LORD Sensing Stellar Range

LORDSensing-StellarTechnologyLogo-Red-BlackTechni Measure is pleased to announce the addition of LORD Sensing Stellar to our product range. Stellar manufacture a large range of strain gauge type transducers for measuring load and pressure along with sensors for temperature and also LVDT’s for displacement measurements.

In addition to the standard mV/V outputs, many ranges of both their pressure and load cell sensors are also available with amplified outputs to provide voltage, 4-20mA, or digital RS232 or CANbus interfaces. Wireless sensors are also available, compatible with the LORD Sensing – Microstrain wireless instrumentation system. Stellar can provide custom engineered solutions where their standard products will not quite meet a required specification, but already within their standard range are several unique designs. Load cells are supplied with ranges from a few grams to over 900,000 kg tension or compression operation, with accuracies possible up to 0.03% FS. Stellar can provide submersible units, fatigue-rated designs and load cells with multiple outputs, as well as intrinsically safe models.

Pressure sensors are supplied with ranges from 1 to 100,000 psi and with absolute, gauge, differential, vacuum and barometric references.

We would be pleased to offer our help in defining which sensor would be best to use in any given situation. Typical application areas for these types of sensors would include aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial automation and power generation.