Introducing CAN-MD™ Digital Network

3049Dytran Instruments and Sage Machinery Diagnostics have formed a partnership to bring a new generation of advanced diagnostics systems to the vibration health monitoring (VHM) field.

The result of this collaboration is the innovative CAN-MD™ (Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic) platform, a bus-based, digital smart accelerometer network with configurable software for machinery health monitoring and diagnostics. Bus-based digital sensors eliminate the need for individual cables from each analogue sensor to a central box, since CAN-MD™ spreads the digital signal processing (DSP) over the entire network. Raw acceleration data is processed within each sensor and results are reported as condition indicators via CAN bus. Standard IEPE type sensors can also be incorporated by using the in-line interface module 4760A. The analysis software on board each sensor is user-configurable so it can be optimized for any application.

Due to its success in the automotive sector, CAN technology has attracted the attention of manufacturers in other industries, including process control, textiles and medical instruments. CAN has also been adopted within aerospace applications because of its cost effective and efficient networking capability. CAN-MD™ reduces installed weight, simplifies wiring runs, and reduces the complexity of the vibration portion of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) on rotorcraft.  It is also used on fixed-wing aircraft, industrial off road machinery and heavy equipment vehicles. CAN bus operates at data rates of up to 1 Mbit/s for cable lengths less than 40 meters, and the data signal is normally transmitted on a twisted pair of wires. Looking ahead, CAN-MD™ is ideal for autonomous vehicle monitoring where no operator is present to identify impending mechanical issues that could affect vehicle safety or operation.

Please let us know if you want to learn more about CAN-MD™ advanced machinery diagnostic technology.