Multi-Channel Capacitive Amplifier

3-ch-508-sw-topCapacitec have recently announced a brand new line of switching multi-channel amplifiers for use with their extensive range of capacitive non-contact displacement, gap and bore sensors. The new 508-SW multiple channel signal conditioner returns excellent linearity & stability across up to 8 channels with power & data output via USB as standard and optional Ethernet or Bluetooth interfaces. Each unit has an integral 18bit analogue to digital converter with 0.05% FS linearity and is manufactured according to user specification from 1 to 8 channels with the switching frequency being up to 500Hz. Thus the 8 channel version allows 62.5Hz per channel with 5 channels being 100Hz per channel. A total of 8 displacement or 4 gap sensor calibrations can be stored internally. This switching configuration is ideal for a large number of industrial process displacement, gap and bore measurements such as parallelism of nip roller tools or accurate gap adjustments in many devices such as high speed inkjet printer heads. We will be happy to give advice and information about capacitive or other non-contact sensing systems.