Mobile Accelerometer Calibrator

The new CV-10 mobile calibrator, designed and built by Spektra, consists of a complete accelerometer calibration and test system installed in a rugged waterproof case.

It can be used for quick, on-site
checks of accelerometer or vibration meter performance
either by manually setting frequency and amplitude or
by running pre-set automated calibration routines. The integrated vibration exciter has an internal reference accelerometer as standard, or as an option it can use an external reference accelerometer, and the system is supplied with a full DAkkS accredited calibration certificate. Accelerometers up to 900g can be tested and are easily mounted to the armature via a 1⁄4-28 female

thread; two open end wrenches and a range of thread adapters and adhesive mounting plates are supplied. The system is fully portable and powered by an integral battery, with an external

mains PSU that fits in a recess within the box for recharging or mains operation. Cables or other accessories can also be stowed in this recess. There are four adjustable feet on the under- side of the case, which can balance the calibrator to a maximum

2° slope.
The vibration exciter can generate up to 20N of force, allowing a sensor payload of up to 0.9kg, with acceleration amplitudes of up to 20g (200 m/s2) and a frequency range

of 5Hz to 10kHz. The system has built in signal conditioning for direct interface with IEPE, Charge mode, direct voltage and current output sensors as well as an extension port allowing other interfaces including an optional piezoresistive (bridge type) interface. The measurement results are displayed on the integrated display and stored in internal memory, the data transfer is performed via the supplied USB memory stick as standard or and optional ethernet connector is available for direct connection to PC. Software is supplied for setting configuration parameters and generating automated calibration sequences.

Please ask for further details, or if you are interested in a demonstration of this new mobile vibration calibrator system.