Introduction of Tekscan FlexiForce & FlexiPot

We are excited to introduce the FlexiForce™ and FlexiPot™ range of sensors from USA manufacturer Tekscan to complement our existing range of load, force and position sensors.

Operating on a piezoresistive principle, these paper thin sensors are perfect for measuring the force between two surfaces, or between an object and a surface, or even used as push button controls in human-machine interfaces. A wide range of standard sensors are available for prototyping and initial development work and, as they are manufactured using a printing process, custom sensors are quick and cost effective to deliver. Force measurement range is from 4N up to 31kN with typical linearity of ±3% and response time less than 5μs. Signal conditioning can be performed either with USB or wireless (WiFi) ELF™ (Electronic Load & Force) systems, or via straightforward user-built circuits with an OEM development kit available for fast proof-of-concept & prototyping. FlexiPot™ sensors are available to sense tactile position and can be used for control or measurement applications. Linear strip and ring type versions are available as standard and customisation is possible. FlexiForce™ and FlexiPot™ sensors can be used in robotics, medical devices, dental measurements, inventory management, industrial process control, manufacturing, condition monitoring, sports & fitness training devices, interactive gaming and many, many other applications limited only by your imagination! If you have any applications requiring the measurement of load, force or position please get in touch and one of our engineers will be happy to discuss your application in detail and offer a solution.