Load Cells

Techni Measure offer a wide range of load cells with options for compression, tension or tension / compression combined. Models are available with varying outputs including voltage, 4-20mA as well as processed outputs including RS232 & RS422. We can offer load cells from from TML, AEP Transducers and LORD Stellar which allows a huge range of options for your requirements. For more details please contact us.


CLB/A/P General purpose, compression 50N – 10MN
CLU Hermetically sealed, compression 10kN – 1MN
CLG Ultra low profile, compression 10kN – 200kN
CLF Low profile, compression 500kN – 10MN
CLC Centre hole, compression 50kN – 5MN
KC Centre hole, compression 50kN – 5MN
CLM High performance, herm. sealed, compression 10kN – 2MN
TCLB/A/P General purpose, tension/compression 50N – 2MN
TCLU Hermetically sealed, tension/compression 10kN – 200kN
TCLZ High performance, tension/compression 50N – 10kN
TCLM High performance, herm. sealed, ten/comp 10kN – 200kN
CLS Low range, miniature compression 10N – 10kN
TLP High range, tension 10kN – 1MN
LT Torque Transducer 10 – 1000 Nm


CM Medium range general purpose compression 100kgf – 2.5tf
C2S Medium to high range general purpose compression 100kgf – 100tf
C8S High range general purpose compression 5kN – 1000kN
TCA Low range tension/compression 1 – 50kgf
TS Medium range tension/compression 50kgf – 7.5tf
TCE Medium/high range tension/compression 350kgf – 10tf
TC4 High range centre hole type 5kN – 1000kN
T20 High range tension 5tf – 20tf
FT1 Low/medium range shear bending type 350kgf – 5tf
FT2 Medium/high range shear bending type 0.5tf – 10tf
F1 Low range bending type 5 – 200kgf

CNR Canister type, comp. and ten/comp., very high loads 2klbs – 2000klbs
DTH Through hole, compression or tension (if preloaded) 250lbs – 30klbs
MIN Miniature range including load washer type 100lbs – 200klbs
PNC Pancake design, threaded centre hole tension/comp. 100lbs – 200klbs
RDE Tension designs, many mounting configurations 5klbs – 120klbs
VLC/U Sub-Miniature comp./compression or tension 10lbs – 1klbs
BEM Beam type load cell, tension or compression 500lbs – 5klbs
LDP Clevis or shear pin type for tension or compression 3klbs – 200klbs