Fibre Optic

Our range of fibre optic sensors from OpSens Solutions utilise the principles of white light polarisation interferometry (WLPI) and semiconductor band gap (SCBG) technology, a unique and patented system that does not require the use of lasers. Sensors are available to accurately measure temperature, pressure, displacement and strain and perform exceptionally well in harsh environments, being immune to RF, MRI, EMI, nuclear and microwave radiation with cable runs up to 3km possible.


Fibre optic sensors from OpSensUsing WLPI technology OpSens offer a range of sensors for measurement of displacement, pressure, strain and temperature. In addition we can supply SCBG technology based sensors for the measurement of temperature

Signal Conditioning

OpSens Solutions offer a range of signal conditioning instrumentation allowing the full range of fibre optic sensors to be used in every application. Robust handheld units offer single channel measurements whilst field mountable and rack mountable options are available for installation, multi channel and long term use. OpSens also offer a range of OEM signal conditioners for integration into host systems.

OpSens Fibre optic sensors and instrumentation