Triaxial Vibration Logger

Dytran Vibracorder 4400ADytran Instruments has introduced the 4400A vibration logger system, which they are calling the VibraCorder. Utilising a built-in triaxial DC accelerometer with a MEMS capacitive sensing element, and housed in an IP-64 anodised aluminium case, this system is designed to record critical vibration data onto a removable memory card, which can then plug in direct to a laptop or PC for data download.

Tailored for zero to 1kHz frequency applications, the 4400A offers several recording regimes such as free run, triggered event and auto stop, with sampling rates up to 3200 samples per second. The full-scale vibration range is ± 16g, and the model 4400A1 has a ± 200g range, with a maximum shock level specified as 1,000g. The supplied SDHC card stores the data and plugs into a computer for download into the supplied Windows compatible analysis software. This software also allows filtering, oversampling, time synchronous averaging and FFT calculations. Power is supplied by the built-in replaceable 9VDC battery, which allows up to 24 hours recording time. The variable capacitance accelerometers are configured orthogonally for X, Y, Z outputs, and the temperature range of the sensor is from –40 to +85 °C. Mounting

is accomplished using two screws or by the built-in magnet on the base of the 61 x 51 x 28mm enclosure, and the total weight of the unit is just 160 grammes. Applications would include Noise, Vibration and Harshness testing (NVH), as well as seismic monitoring, ride quality and sports measurements. This device is very competitively priced so please ask for further details on this new VibraCorder system, or for any advice you may need on any suitable applications. We have the products and expertise to solve most vibration measurements.