Compression Seal Feedthroughs

conax technologies feedthrough

Conax Technologies’ range of compression sealing glands and feedthroughs are designed to reliably seal probes or power/instrumentation wires that pass through a pressure or environmental boundary. A choice of seal and body materials are available to cover wide ranges of pressure, temperature and medium type. Glands are available for single or multiple elements and one or more insulators may be included when electrical isolation is required. Single element seals consist of a body, cap, sealant and follower, whilst multiple element seals also include a special follower and an anti-rotation pin to prevent wires/conductors from twisting and shearing.

Conax Feedthrough diagram

Caps are available with or without an external screw thread for conduit fittings

The element to be sealed passes through the holes in the sealing assembly components and when the cap is torqued to the recommended value, the torque on the cap translates an axial force on the follower. This force compresses the sealant contained within the body housing so that the sealant conforms to the element, creating a seal. The elastic nature of a sealant allows it to flow into any voids between the sealant and the element.

The tension in the torqued body acts as a spring to maintain compression on the element and the static friction force between the sealant and the element restrains the element from moving under pressure.

There are many standard options but custom solutions can also be manufactured to your specification. Please ask for details or request a catalogue for further information. Techni Measure will advise on the selection of the appropriate gland for your application and we will be happy to hold UK stock for next day delivery on repeat orders. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


PG General purpose single element packing glands
MK Stainless steel ferule fitting Midlock glands
EG Electrode glands isolated for electrical power up to 400 Amps
EGT Electrode glands Teflon insulation up to 525 Amps
MHC Multi-hole ceramic glands. Seals up to 16 elements
MHM Multi-hole metal glands. Seals up to 27 elements
PL Power lead glands with up to 18 pre-installed insulated leads
TG Transducer glands for low voltage, up to 16 elements
TG24 Transducer glands for insulated wires, up to 24 wires
HD High density feedthrough. Seals up to 60 conductors or more in multi-hole glands
BSWS Glands designed for sealing bearing sensor wires
SPG Split glands for elements with large connectors


Sample Probe Assemblies

We can supply a range of sample probe assemblies from Conax Technologies to enable withdrawal of samples from process lines for periodic monitoring requirements. Various probe types are available and wake frequency calculations can be performed. Please ask for further information and advice on selecting this product.


Various sealant materials are available, but not necessarily all of them for all the fitting types. The most common types are listed below but please ask for advice on the best choice for any given application.


The most common sealant material, with excellent resistance to chemicals and good electrical properties. It is the least permeable to gases and useable up to 232 °C


Very good resistance to most chemicals, and good electrical properties. Very good element restraining capabilities and useable up to 232 °C.


Behaves similar to Viton, but it is not as chemically inert. It is useable up to 93 °C and has excellent pressure restraining capabilities.


Naturally occurring Magnesium Silicate and actually crushes and re-compacts. It is useable up to 870 °C but does not seal gases well.


99% pure Graphite and provides an excellent gas seal and very good pressure restraining capabilities at elevated temperatures. Useable up to 495 °C.