Precision Potentiometers

Sakae manufacture a very wide range of single and multi-turn rotary potentiometers utilizing wirewound, conductive plastic or hybrid technology. Supplying to customer drawings is a speciality, although there are many standard choices. Please ask for further details by describing application requirements.

HP Multiturn, wirewound pipe type, 3, 5, and 10 turn
HD Multiturn, wirewound drum type, 3,5,10,15,20 turn
HHP Multiturn, hybrid, longer life, 3, 5,10 turn
HDS 10 turn wirewound very high precision
CP Continuous single turn wirewound
LNB Continuous single turn low torque
FCPA Continuous single turn conductive plastic
SC Sine – cosine, wirewound
FSC Sine – cosine, conductive plastic
OF Oil filled single and multiturn
DP Digital switch type potentiometer
AC Super precision for use with 400Hz supply
KSM Contactless, inductance