Wireless Systems

Techni Measure can supply a range of wireless sensing and data acquisition systems for use when instrumentation wires are either impractical or inconvenient, for example on rotating systems or when instrumentation is required over a large structure or wide area. The LXRS® protocol developed by LORD MicroStrain is incorporated into a large range of wireless nodes to transmit data from all types of transducer, capable of providing lossless data from up to 2000 nodes over a single network with node-node synchronisation of less than 32µs. The network is easy to configure and data can be acquired directly to a PC using the supplied SensorConnect® software, and if required the SDK is freely available for integration with existing computer based acquisition systems. There are also options for analogue outputs to integrate with hardwired acquisition systems, and there is a system that can connect to a LAN or GSM device to upload acquired data to SensorCloud™, allowing secure web access and analysis of your acquired data from your location anywhere in the world. Techni Measure will be happy to help you select and configure the appropriate wireless system for your application, please ask for more information or a demonstration of this versatile and cost effective solution

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Wireless Sensors

LORD MicroStrain offer wireless sensors for vibration and environmental measurements. Techni Measure can also supply various other types of transducer with integrated wireless functionality, such as load cells and torque transducers, and we will be happy to advise and help you to choose the best solution for your application.

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