TML Strain Gauge Clamp – Pressee

Pressee Strain Gauge applicatorTML have introduced a novel device for applying pressure to a strain gauge, whilst the adhesive is setting during installation. The magnetic Pressee with a built in magnet, part number PM-19, can specimens over 1mm thick, is very easy and quick to apply, and also allows for the gauge placement to be viewed through the clear view central area.

With a pressing surface of 19mm diameter, the Pressee can be used with any linear strain gauges up
to 6mm long or cross and rosette gauges with backing dimensions up to 15mm diameter. The internal magnet holds the clamp to the surface whilst a spring mechanism provides the clamping force necessary for the adhesive. The unit can operate in temperatures from 5 to 50 degC, and weighs

30 grams. TML can also supply two other strain gauge installation clamps. The Gauge Mate A is also a magnetic clamp that can be used or over, and the Gauge Mate R is designed for round specimens from 5 to 32mm diameter. These two clamps are shown in the current TML strain gauge catalogue, and for further details of the PM-19 Pressee, please ask. All of these designs provide the force needed for most of the TML two part mix strain gauge adhesives, but they can also be used quickly.

We would be pleased to discuss any application where these strain gauge clamps could be used, and if you have any questions regarding strain gauge installation in general, we would be pleased to offer our advice.