Pressure Transmitters

The Huba Control range of pressure transmitters utilise various sensing technologies to offer a good working range of sensors for pressures from very low, up to 1000 bar. Most models have a choice of voltage or current output and some have a wide choice of standard pressure and electrical connections.
Vacuum ranges are also available and there are several low cost sensors for OEM applications. Please ask for more details or specific data sheets.

520 General purpose, fully welded cell, many options -1 – 1000bar
525 Compact low range, high accuracy, many options 50 – 600mbar
526 Compact low range, lower cost, many options 100 – 600mbar
528 General purpose, many options, -1 – 60bar
540 With built in display and programmable switch 60 – 600bar
548 With built in display and programmable switch -1 – 400bar
550 For mobile hydraulic applications to ISO16750 60 – 600bar
692 Differential, wet both sides 0.1 – 25bar
699 Low range differential -1 – 50mbar
711 Level sensing by immersion, integral cable 0.1 – 16bar

Also, now available are a range of transmitters from TML, LORD Sensing and AEP, which offer different options, including some with ATEX certification or CAN outputs.

PWA Rugged general purpose cavity type 20 – 100bar
GT General purpose cavity types, many options 0.3 – 6900bar
FT Flush diaphragm type, many options 7 – 690bar
DT Differential type with many options 0.3 – 2760bar
PT Dual output type with integral temperature sensor 0.3 – 1380bar
GT21 Submersible level sensing transmitter 0.3 – 2760bar
TP3 General purpose (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 2000bar) 0.5 – 2000bar
TP15/7 Flush diaphragm type, relative pressure 1 – 50bar
TP12 Higher precision (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 2000bar) 0.5 – 2000bar
TP14 Highest precision (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 2000bar) 0.5 – 2000bar
TP38 Low cost general purpose (relative to 20bar) 100 – 2000mbar
TPL Level sensing transmitter for underwater use 3 – 200m
TP-USB General purpose sensor with a USB digital output 100 – 2000mbar
DF2 Differential type (relative to 20bar), wet to wet 0.5 – 2000bar