Pressure Transducers

TML’s range of mV/V strain gauge pressure transducers, offer very rugged sealed sensors for poor environmental conditions or special civil engineering applications. These transducers require strain gauge amplifiers. For further information please ask for TML pressure details.

Series Description Range F.S.
PDA/B Miniature type with flush diaphragm 2-30bar
PW General purpose, cavity type 1 – 500bar
PWH High pressure, cavity type 700 – 2000bar
PWF High frequency response, flush diaphragm 10 – 500bar
PWFC Miniature high frequency, flush diaphragm 20 – 500bar
PWFD Bolt type high frequency, flush diaphragm 20 – 200bar
KD Soil pressure, various designs 2 – 20bar
KW Liquid level sensing 10 – 50m
KP Pore pressure in soil 2 – 20bar


AEP also supply a range of similar pressure transducers with mV/V outputs, for standard pressure measurements.

Series Description Range F.S.
TP1 General purpose (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 700bar) 10 – 700bar
TP8 Higher precision (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 1000bar) 5 – 1000bar
TP16 Highest precision (relative to 20 bar, absolute to 2000bar) 5 – 2000bar


LORD Sensing Stellar supply a range of pressure transducers with mV/V outputs as an option to most of their range.

Series Description Range F.S.
GT General purpose cavity types, many options 0.3 – 6900bar
FT Flush diaphragm type, many options 7 – 690bar
DT Differential type with many options 0.3 – 2760bar
PT Dual output type with integral temperature sensor 0.3 – 1380bar