Computer Controlled

The LORD MicroStrain® line of advanced inertial sensors provide a range of measurement options including orientation (pitch, roll, yaw or azimuth), single axis or dual axis inclination, linear acceleration, and angular rate. We offer simple inclinometers (or tiltmeters), vertical gyros, VRUs (vertical reference units), IMUs (inertial measurement units), AHRS’ (attitude heading reference systems), and INS/GPS’ (GPS aided inertial navigation systems). Designed for applications from personnel tracking and drone navigation to downhole exploration.

For further information please ask for details of computer controlled orientation sensors.

3DM-CV5-10 Industrial-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU)
3DM-CV5-15 Industrial-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) and vertical reference unit (VRU)
3DM-CV5-25 Industrial-grade attitude and heading reference system (AHRS)
3DM-GX5-15 Miniature attitude heading reference sensor (IMU)
3DM-GX5-25 Miniature attitude heading reference sensor (AHRS)
3DM-GX5-35 Miniature attitude heading reference sensor with GPS (AHRS)
3DM-GX5-45 Miniature inertial navigation system with GNSS & Kalman filter
3DM-GQ4-45 Tactical-grade all-in-one navigation solution (INS)
3DM-RQ1-45 Tactical Grade ruggedised navigation solution (INS)

LORD Microstrain