New G-Link-200 Wireless Accelerometer

LORD MicroStrain have recently introduced the new G-Link-200-8G ruggedized high-speed triaxial accelerometer node with user settable ± 2 to ± 8 g measurement range. The G-Link-200-8G includes an on-board triaxial accelerometer that allows high-resolution data acquisition at noise levels as low as 25 μg/√Hz, and the accelerometers have a bandwidth from DC up to 1kHz.

The lossless data transmission and node-to-node synchronized sampling at ±50 microseconds help make the G- Link- 200- 8G ideal for vibration monitoring in a wide variety of vehicles, including high-speed transportation. A user-configurable low pass filter is standard and a high pass filter is also available, to remove the DC signal if required. Users can easily programme nodes for data logging, continuous, and periodic burst sampling with the SensorConnect software. The web based SensorCloud interface optimizes data aggregation, analysis, presentation, and alerts for gigabytes of sensor data from remote networks. High resolution data is achieved with a 20-bit A/D converter, and the unit is powered by three non-rechargeable ½ AA batteries. The sensor is 46.6mm high with a 43mm diameter across the flats of the stainless-steel base which has a ¼-28 threaded hole mounting. A polycarbonate screw on cover offering IP-67 protection fits onto the base. Later models should allow measurements up to 40g. Typical applications include health monitoring of rotating components, aircraft, structures, and vehicles, as well as general condition-based vibration monitoring, and product testing. We would be very pleased to discuss any application that you may have for wireless or general vibration measurements.