High Sensitivity Triaxial Accelerometers

3583btDytran have recently introduced a 500mV/g lower cost triaxial accelerometer. The models 3583AT and 3583BT offer high sensitivity with a low noise output. Both are IEPE type sensors and are TEDS compatible, with the 3583AT being adhesive mount, and the 3583BT being stud mount. These accelerometers utilise shear design piezoelectric ceramic sensing elements which, coupled with low noise electronics, give an excellent signal to noise ratio with a noise floor of 0.0002g RMS and a frequency response of 0.25Hz to 4kHz. Both models are packaged in a base isolated 20.3mm cube epoxy sealed red anodised aluminium housing, have a 4-pin titanium alloy connector and weigh 27grams. These sensors are ideal for modal analysis, general triaxial vibration measurements, squeak & rattle and NVH measurements, where high sensitivity coupled with a good frequency response are an important consideration. A useful addition to the already large Dytran range of triaxial accelerometers; we will be very pleased to discuss any application that you may have for triaxial vibration measurements.