Ground Isolated 538°C Accelerometer

3316c2The latest addition to the Dytran range of high temperature accelerometers is the model 3316C2, which is an electrically isolated ultra-high temperature piezoelectric charge mode sensor designed to operate reliably in temperatures up to 538°C. This workhorse accelerometer is characterised by its small size and by an internal electrical isolation design that eliminates the need for an additional isolated mounting block to prevent ground loop interference.

A unique, single-crystal, planar shear charge mode sensing element mounted in a miniature hermetically sealed Inconel housing enables the 3316C2 to operate at extremely high temperatures over long periods of time.  Model 3316C2 employs Silver Window ™ technology, a Dytran patented feature. A “silver window” on the top cover of the accelerometer housing allows a diffused oxygen molecule to pass through at high temperatures, replenishing oxygen to the crystal while maintaining the hermetic seal integrity.  This innovative feature assures continued high temperature operation with no loss of insulation resistance due to oxygen deprivation.

The Dytran model 3316C2 weighs 13g and has a height of just 12.5mm, making it ideal for use in tight locations that are inaccessible to larger accelerometers. The calibrated sensitivity is between 1 and 2 pC/g with the exact sensitivity being provided on the calibration certificate supplied with each sensor, and the upper frequency response is 5kHz (±10%). The 3316C2 has a 10-32 tapped hole for mounting, and 10-32 side cable connector. Typical applications for this sensor would be for turbine engine test cell and exhaust manifold testing, nuclear reaction cooling tubes and automotive engine vibration studies.

We would be pleased to offer our advice on the use of these sensors, or for any other vibration sensor in the extensive Dytran range.