LORD MicroStrain

LORD MicroStrain offer a range of high quality sensors and systems in three categories

Inertial – The LORD MicroStrain® series of advanced inertial sensors provide a range of measurement options including orientation (pitch, roll, yaw or azimuth), single axis or dual axis inclination, linear acceleration, and angular rate. We offer simple inclinometers (or tiltmeters), vertical gyros, VRU (vertical reference units), IMU (inertial measurement units), AHRS’ (attitudeheading reference systems), and INS/GPS’ (GPS aided inertial navigation systems).

Wireless – The LXRS® protocol developed by LORD MicroStrain is incorporated into a large range of wireless nodes to transmit data from all types of transducer, capable of providing lossless data from up to 2000 nodes over a single network with node-node synchronisation of less than 32µs.

Displacement – A range of inductive displacement sensors and signal conditioners with both contact and non-contact options available.

As the exclusive representative to the UK market, Techni Measure are proud to offer the full range of LORD Microstrain products and support to the UK and Ireland.

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