Node Commander

Node Commander is the legacy PC software for Wireless products. Note: Node Commander will no longer be updated with new features or product support. It is recommended that SensorConnect be used for improved data collection, analytics, and configuration.


SensorConnect is the main PC software for Wireless sensor configuration and data collection from LORD MicroStrain Configure nodes, start networks, and collect and analyze data in real-time from our Wireless products. Using the intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms, you are able to visualize massive amounts of data instantly withoutRead More


SensorCloud allows you to upload unlimited amounts of Wireless data to view and analyze from anywhere in the world. Analyze your data with MathEngine, which allows you to run algorithms on your data. Take it a step further and write your own Python scripts, all in the cloud. Plug andRead More

Synchronised Sampling

a sampling mode that automatically coordinates all incoming node data to a particular gateway. This mode is designed to ensure data arrival and sequence.


Streaming is a sampling mode in which all active channels (and the sensors attached to them) are measured, and the acquired data is transmitted to the gateway and software. The data is not written to non-volatile memory during streaming. Streaming can either be finite (have a user defined start andRead More

Sampling Rate

the frequency of sampling

Sampling Mode

the type of sampling that is being utilized, such as event-triggered, continuous, or periodic. The nodes have several sampling modes that employ these types of sampling.


Received Signal Strength Indication

Periodic Burst Sampling

a mode of operation in which the node is sampled for a fixed window of time (burst) and then repeats that window at set intervals. The burst duration and time between bursts is configurable. Also referred to as burst sampling.


Lossless Extended Range Synchronized