MIP Monitor

MIP Monitor is PC software specifically for LORD Microstrain inertial products. Configure inertial nodes, start sampling, and view their data in real time. MIP packets can also be viewed in their raw form to aid in development of custom software.


Adaptive Kalman FilterA type of Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) that contains an optimization algorithm that adapts to dynamic conditions with a high dependency on adaptive technology. Adaptive technology refers to the ability of a filter to selectively trust a given measurement more or less based on a trust threshold whenRead More


the distance an object is above the sea level

Angular rate

The rate of speed of which an object is rotating. Also know as angular frequency, angular speed, or radial frequency. It is typically measured in radians/second.


the orientaion of an object in space with reference to a defined frame, such as the North-East-Down (NED) frame


A horizontal arc measured between a fixed point (such as true north) and the vertical circle passing through the center of an object


Complementary FilterA term commonly used for an algorithm that combines the readings from multiple sensors to produce a solution. These filters typically contain simple filtering elements to smooth out the effects of sensor over-ranging or anomalies in the magnetic field.


the time integral of angular rate expressed with reference to the device local coordinate system, in units of radians


the time integral of velocity expressed with refernce to the device local coordinate system, in units of g*second where g is the standard gravitational constant


Earth Centered Earth Fixeda reference frame that is fixed to the earth at the center of the earth and turning about earth’s axis in the same way as the earth