Using strain gauge or optical methods these transducers can measure static or rotary torque either on a shaft or applied by a tool. Wireless collar-type versions are available for rapid/simple installations with no requirement for slip rings. We supply torque transducers from TML, AEP, Sensor Technology and LORD Sensing.

RWT / RT2 Rotary torque digital or analogue, many options 0.5 – 13,000Nm
LT / SIT Torque Transducer with socket fitting or flange mounting 10 – 1000Nm
SLW 6-component automotive wheel force/torque transducer 20-30kN/3-6kNm
TRX Flange coupling for static torque 50 – 5000Nm
ORT Optical rotary/static torque, low range 0.01 – 100Nm
Torque-Link-LXRS Wireless torque node, used with strain gauges (supplied separately) As required