Exhibition of Experimental Mechanics

The Exhibition of Experimental Mechanics is the premier UK exhibition for manufacturers and suppliers of strain measurement and stress analysis equipment and will take place on 31 August 2023  as part of the 17th International Conference on advances in Experimental Mechanics which will take place between 30 August -1 September 2023, Glasgow University Union, University of Glasgow, UK. The conference attracts over 100 UK and overseas delegates who will visit the exhibition during all refreshment and lunch breaks on the day of the exhibition. Techni Measure will be showcasing their broad range of industrial metrology equipment, of course including strain gauges, along with many other sensor and transducer products. Having maintained Corporate Membership of BSSM since the inception of this Conference, Techni Measure always discuss highly innovative and challenging metrology applications at the event and we look forward to more intriguing conversations in 2023.