Environmental Wireless System from LORD Microstrain

Microstrain wireless ENV-LINK-PROLORD MicroStrain have introduced an upgraded wireless system specifically designed for use with various environmental measurement sensors. The ENV-Link-Pro-LXRS replaces the “Mini” version, and accommodates two thermocouple inputs, a relative humidity/temperature (RHT) sensor, and 4 additional 0-5 VDC sensors. Possible sensors include pyranometer (light measurement), soil moisture, leaf wetness, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, water level, barometric pressure, conductivity, etc.

Multiple units may be deployed up to 1km away (line of sight) from the wireless base station, and data is either stored locally or forwarded to a cloud server, providing analysis tools, scripting, alerts, and downloads. Internal rechargeable or long-life batteries can allow long term unattended data acquisition. The unit is supplied in an IP67 FRP enclosure measuring 140 x 140 x 101mm. At the heart of a network of these nodes are the WSDA® base stations, which use exclusive beaconing protocols to synchronize precision timekeepers embedded within each sensor node in the network. The WSDA® also coordinates data collection from all sensor nodes. Users can easily program each node on the network for simultaneous, periodic, or burst mode sampling with the Node Commander® software, which automatically configures network radio communications to maximize the sample rate.

Synchronized data collection, combined with LXRS data acquisition, allows users to select lower sampling rates, because there is no need to over sample. In many cases, users can also use reduced radio transmission power levels, which leads to longer battery life and enables energy harvesters to be used in lieu of primary batteries. Applications include environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, crop maintenance, and ecological research.

For additional information on this new system, or for advice on any of the other wireless systems available from LORD MicroStrain, please let us know details of any possible application.