Eddy Current Sensor Electronics

New from ACUITY is the AR-Eddy, which is a digitally corrected eddy current signal conditioner designed to work with a wide variety of eddy current sensors. The AR-Eddy is easy to setup and calibrate via a USB interface and the provided software. The AR-Eddy can used to achieve high performance from sensors provided by different manufacturers. Once the AR-Eddy has been configured, only power is required from the USB connection,  so any USB adaptor can be used. Both the electronics and sensor can also be independently temperature compensated in-situ to reduce any temperature sensitivity. Built into a 54mm x 80mm x 26mm housing, with DIN rail mounts supplied, it is also available in an OEM configuration with no enclosure.

Connect either the analogue voltage or current output, or for the digital output use the USB interface. The analogue outputs are selected from 0-5V, ±5V, 0-10V, ±10V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA using the front panel connections.  A programmable digital filter is available, and the AR-Eddy also contains a solid-state relay connected to pins 6 of the terminal block. This relay has a 40 Ohm closed impedance and is rated for 60V and 100mA. The relay is controlled by the limit settings and is set up as a window comparator. As with all eddy current type sensors, the performance will vary depending on the material of the target, with the best performance being against an aluminium target. The AR-Eddy will work with many off the shelf sensors from various manufacturers, and it is also possible to make a DIY sensor.