Strain Gauge Displacement

A range of strain gauge based transducers from TML are mainly used for measuring in Civil engineering applications or where compatibility with other strain gauge sensors is required.
Please request further details of TML’s Displacement Transducers.

CDP High output, stepless, spring loaded 5 – l00mm
CE Cantilever beam 2 – l0mm
UB ASME compatible for COD measurement 2 – 5mm
P1 Large span, small range 2 – 5mm
DP Tape measure type, spring return 500 – 2000mm
DDP Dial gauge type 10 – 50mm
KB Inclinometer ±0.5 – 10 deg
OU Medium range ring type 10- 30mm
EDP Extensometer 5mm
KG Crack movement in concrete ±2-5mm