Inductive Displacement

Inductive displacement transducers from Schreiber Messtechnik offer a range of rugged sensors from 4mm measurement up to 360mm. The magneto-resistive types measure up to 1500mm and a range of rotary angle sensors operate up to 90 degrees. Models are available with or without built in electronics and for further information please ask about the Schreiber range.

SM20 External electronics with various body sizes & options 4 – 360mm
SM30 Integral electronics with square or threaded body 5 – 15mm
SM40 Integral electronics with various body sizes & options 20 – 360mm
SM60 Rotary angle sensors with or without integral electronics up to 90°
SM70 Magneto-strictive displacement with integral electronics up to 1500mm


Now available from MicroStrain are the tiny inductive sensors for specialised applications where very small displacement measurements are required, or space is at a premium. External electronics are required.

M-DVRT Micro-miniature 1.5mm body, free shaft 1.5 to 9mm
MG-DVRT Micro-miniature with spring return 1.5 to 9mm
S-DVRT Sub-miniature with free sliding shaft 4 to 38mm
SG-DVRT Sub-miniature with spring return 4 to 38mm

LORD Microstrain