Cylindrical Biaxial Accelerometer

Dytran 3054B Biaxial AccelerometerThe new Dytran model 3054B is a unique, miniature biaxial accelerometer designed to be inserted up to 40 feet into 0.319 inches diameter heat transfer tubes for the purpose of measuring transverse acceleration of the tube.

The Dytran model 3054B uses 8 beryllium copper springs attached to the outside of the sensor body, to guide the unit into the tube and allow for slight variations in tube inside diameter and for some build-up of foreign materials inside the tube. Alternate spring sizes are available (up to .935 inches) to accommodate larger tube diameters. Biaxial in design, model 3054B incorporates two quartz sensing elements operating in shear mode. The sensing elements are internally isolated from the sensor case and are enclosed by a Faraday shield for electrostatic noise immunity. The sensor can be used in a temperature environment between -51 to +121degC, and has a 25mV/g sensitivity (200g range). It has an integral 40ft cable to flying leads and the sensor itself weighs only 7.2 grams and comes in a stainless steel hermetically sealed case. Typically this biaxial accelerometer can be used in chillers, cooling towers, and for vibration measurements in heat transfer tubes in HVAC units, but with its unique design, many other applications are possible. One model 6565A insertion rod adaptor (6-inches long), and one model 6565A1 insertion rod extender (48-inches long) are supplied with each sensor.

We would be pleased to offer our advice on the use of these sensors, or for any other vibration sensor in the extensive Dytran range.