CV-01 Handheld Shaker from SPEKTRA

SPEKTRA CV-01 Handheld shakerThe model CV-01 handheld shaker from Spektra, offers a quick and simple way for inspection of vibration transducer output sensitivity.  It can also be used for field inspections of sensor wiring, by inputting a known level of vibration into the measurement system. Power is supplied by four rechargeable batteries, and a charging unit is supplied with the kit. For power economy, automated switch off after 60 seconds is standard, but this can be adjusted to continuous operation if required. The sensor mounting thread is a ¼-28 UNF thread, but the kit is supplied with a 10-32 adaptor stud, and also a ¾” Hex adhesive base. The shaker can vibrate sensors up to 150 gram weight and runs at 159.2Hz at 10m/s/s acceleration. Please ask for further details.