CoreSens Electronics for Fibre-optic Sensors

New from Opsens Solutions is the CoreSens electronic unit that is a versatile, scalable system which includes a control unit and modular signal conditioner unit (WLX-2 module) that supports a variety of fibre optic sensors. Each WLX-2 module has two channels to optimise the number of sensors per chassis. The new CoreSens is designed for the most demanding applications requiring synchronised high speed measurement.
Available in rackmount or stand-alone configurations, these units have Ethernet and analogue outputs, and offer excellent linearity, precision and resolution. The rackmount system offers up to 26 channels in 13 modules, and also offers a SDHC memory capability to store data locally. At the heart of the CoreSens is the Opsens Solutions’ White Light Polarization Interferometry (WLPI) technology which provides a means for making accurate and reliable measurements of physical parameters such as temperature, strain, pressure, and displacement. Through its EtherCAT® capability (available soon), the system will offer a larger quantity of measuring channels working simultaneously at sampling speeds up to 1 kHz. The CoreSens unit chassis can be easily stackable for applications involving hundreds of measuring points, and in this chassis configuration, an embedded web server application allows configuration and control of the system. Applications include simultaneous measurements of temperature, pressure, strain and displacement, synchronized monitoring for multiple measuring points, military and aerospace applications, dynamic surveillance of civil engineering and geotechnical infrastructures, and structural health monitoring.