Conax Feedthrough & Temperature Sensors

                        We can handle your pressure

Techni Measure supply a complete range of feedthroughs and compression sealing glands from US manufacturer Conax Technologies, capable of sealing probes, signal wires, power leads or electrodes against pressures up to 30,000psi. The “soft sealant” technology allows the compression fittings to be re-used and allows the repositioning of elements after installation. This method also allows an excellent seal on certain insulated instrumentation wires with no damage to the cable insulation. Fittings are available to seal single elements or multiple elements (up to 240 wires) and an extremely wide range of standard configurations are available, with many options for body & sealant material & pressure fitting. Customisation can also be performed to ensure that we will be able to meet almost any application requirements.

…and temperature!

Conax also manufacture a range of industrial temperature probes and thermowells, again with an extensive selection of sensor calibrations, sheath materials, termination types and mounting styles. Their high temperature sensors are capable of a remarkable upper service temperature of 2482°C.

Techni Measure will be happy to help you with recommending and specifying a product for your specific application and we look forward to hearing from you.