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TechNote: Charge vs Voltage mode Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors measure dynamic phenomena such as force, pressure and acceleration (including shock and vibration). Inside the sensor, piezoelectric materials such as quartz or man-made ceramics are stressed in a controlled fashion by the physical input of the specific phenomena to be measured. This stress “squeezes” a quantity of electricalRead More

LXRS & LXRS+ Wireless Protocols

This article will attempt to explain the difference between the LORD Sensing MicroStrain term LXRS and their new LXRS+ wireless communication protocol. Lossless eXtended Range Synchronized is the proprietary LORD Sensing data communications protocol used in their wireless sensor network. It was initially developed in 2013 to support applications includingRead More

New Introduction to Piezo-electric Accelerometers

We would like to draw attention to a publication that we have recently added to the resources section of our web site. This is the Introduction to Piezo-electric Accelerometers that informs readers about the main points of accelerometer design and describes the various specifications that should be considered in choosingRead More

Traceable Accelerometer Calibration at Temperature

Many vibration tests are carried out under the influence of temperature, whereby accelerometers are attached to the vibration exciter and/or to the device under test. These are thus exposed to temperatures which can be far above or below room temperature, which is where the sensors are usually calibrated. Calibration ofRead More

Migrating from GX4 to GX5 Inertial Sensors

The 3DM-GX5 is the latest generation of the LORD MicroStrain 3DM-GX series of IMU, VG, AHRS, and GPS-INS sensors. This is truly a “drop-in” replacement for the previous-generation GX4 inertial sensors, making it extremely simple to upgrade. The GX5 shares the same extended temperature range operation, footprint, rugged aluminium case,Read More