Analogue 6DOF Accelerometer from Dytran

7556A1 6DOF accelerometer from Dytran Instruments

The new model 7556A sensors from Dytran Instruments are a fully analogue output six degree of freedom (6DOF) sensor containing a MEMS based triaxial accelerometer as well as three MEMS based gyros. These sensors will provide the end user X, Y, Z acceleration (g’s) as well as rotational information of roll, pitch and yaw expressed in degrees/sec, around those three orthogonal axis. A unique feature of the 7556A sensors is that they have been designed to have zero volts output for zero Engineering Units nominal input, thereby eliminating DC offsets typically found in many sensors of this type.

The sensor is supplied as one of two ranges.  The 7556A1 has an acceleration sensitivity of 400mV/g (0-3g range) and gyro sensitivity of 3mV/degree/second (0-300deg/sec range), whilst the 7556A2 has an acceleration sensitivity of 200mV/g (0-6g range) and gyro sensitivity of 1mV/deg/sec (0-1000deg/sec range). Frequency responses are typically from 0Hz up to 800Hz for the accelerometers and 150Hz for the gyros. Both models are powered with a wide voltage range from 5 to 26 VDC, with a typical current draw of 12 mA. The sensor comes in a compact, lightweight (25grams), rugged, titanium, hermetically sealed package for harsh environment survival, and has a 9-pin axial connector. Mounting is via the two supplied bolts. Typical uses for these 7556A sensors include test applications in vehicle dynamics, ride and handling, rollover, automotive safety, aerospace testing, large machinery including industrial off road, aircraft flight dynamics, aircraft ground test, helicopter evaluation and biomechanics studies. Performance specifications do not however allow for use as an IMU.